K. R. Lugo
Dark Writer LLC
A girls dream is never truly fulfilled.

Detective Bob Harris considered himself equipped for anything. At 25, he's the youngest homicide Detective in his precincts history. The golden boy of the department and a gifted investigator with a love of the hunt. Now, he finds himself facing a new case that challenges all his expectations and boundaries.

A string of brutal, ritualistic murders has the city on edge. His investigation brings him to the front doors of one of the most powerful law firms in the world. These doors protect many dangerous secrets, and Detective Harris is getting too close for the comfort of the influential men and women behind those doors. Beyond reproach and unconcerned over the mans investigatory interests to qualify one of their own as a viable suspect in the case, a brilliant and powerful woman has determined that the world is hers to do with as she pleases. No simple cop can ever threaten her power, her position, or her destiny.

And no one is going to interfere with the process of purification required for blessed matrimony.
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 "Lugo's debut mystery is gritty and powerful. If the dolls weren’t eerie enough, the creepiness factor rises when the dolls start talking back to their “mother.” Readers with a fear of dolls beware." ~ Kirkus Indy
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