K. R. Lugo
Dark Writer LLC
Dream Kill
Callen Sloane, a car salesman and father of two, suffers from recurring nightmares—terrors that seem much more real when his family is brutally murdered by a violent supernatural force. Callen, whose whole life has been marked with a dark secret, slowly feels his sanity slipping away as grief consumes him.
As he explores the astral plain in an attempt to find answers, Callen soon discovers that any explanation he might find rests in the darkness that has always haunted him. Four unlikely allies join forces with him during his quest through a bizarre twist of preordained fate. Although death lies in wait around every corner, Callen and his new friends forge an alliance to fight evil incarnate, heeding the warning of a stranger in white. They have no way of knowing that one of the heroes of the story carries the black heart of a timeless killer who is unleashed on the world when its host is asleep.
In this paranormal thriller, five unlikely allies work together to thwart an ancient and immortal evil released from the subconscious of an unsuspecting soul.
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