K. R. Lugo
Dark Writer LLC
Prey for the Soulless
                                         Who shall receive eternal life?
In a world spiraling out of control and into the abyss of mans last days, where people are sent to fight and die in an elaborately constructed arena for the sake of gambling and family entertainment, only a small congregation of pious men and women recognize and understand the prophetic signs of each broken seal

                                    Shall faith alone determine mans destiny?
With a bible clutched in his right hand and an automatic weapon in his left, Father O'Bannon, an excommunicated priest, and his tiny band of devout parishioners risk everything to save the world.

                              Is the true measure of love found only in sacrifice?
Raised in the criminal world, Franco Andolini will stop at nothing to avenge the murder of his surrogate father...even if that means damning his own soul into the cauldron of fire for all eternity

                                                    Savior or destroyer?
Marcus Powers - Master politician? Shrewd businessman? Benevolent benefactor? Devil in a tailored suit? surreptitiously becomes the most powerful individual the world has ever known. With a malicious grin touching his lips, bemused by mans pathetic antics, he dares anyone to challenge his desire to mold a new world in his own image... And anyone who defies his will shall be fated to be "Prey for the Soulless".
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